Tips on how to get your Residence of Choice

Well if you’re anything like me you wanted to stay as far away from Saugeen due to the rumors flying around how its the “Party-Res”. You being the studious and disciplined person you are want a quiet residence where you can study and sleep quietly. Well have no fear for I will tell you the secrets of getting the residence of your choice!


It might seem counter-intuitive at first, but the algorithm at Western actually puts people who chose Saugeen last into Saugeen. Now you might be wondering why this is so? This is to change the reputation of the residence so Saugeen has a nice balance between Party-goers and Party-no-goers.

Tip #2: PUT SAUGEEN 3rd or 4th LAST

This is the trick to not getting Saugeen. By putting it first or last you have a good chance of ending up there, but if you put it somewhere in between towards the end you have the highest chance of not being selected for that residence.


Lets say for example there is a certain lifestyle selection that is available in one residence and not in another and you select it, you are more likely to end up in that resdience. Meaning if you really want to end up in Deleware, and you are a PREMED, choosing nursing or music lifestyle will make you more likely to be selected for that residence for that floor. However this can backfire or be of benifit, as you might not like being placed in a floor with all science kids.


So there you have it 3 easy steps on how to get your residence of choice, I kind of wish I knew these steps before I applied!

Pro-tip: Med School Shortcut!

Discouraged from pursuing an M.D. due to the fact that you are spending 8 years of your life to obtain it?

Did you know that once you graduate high school, you are able to finish Med School in just 7 or even 6 years and not 8?

Yes, getting an M.D. will take you as much time as it does for someone to complete their Masters degree.

How you may ask?

Don’t worry, I got your back!

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My Thoughts on the First Semester

With exams finishing, and most Western first year kids are eagerly awaiting their marks to be released, here are my thoughts on the past semester in terms of difficulty, work and exams.

95% of your exams this semester will be multiple choice


From what I’ve seen there has been nothing so far that has been difficult to understand or learn for the exams. Yes some concepts in biology and chemistry will show up that are hard but you can pretty much understand everything by talking with a group of friends, posting on Facebook for advice, or just by rereading the lecture. In terms of difficulty compared with highschool I would say that it is about the same in terms of difficulty, if not slightly harder.

In order, here is the list of the most difficult courses in terms of content:

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Am I gonna do well at Western?

So, you wanna know how well you will do in your courses when you come to Western? How well will you do on Haffie’s midterms?

You will come to love or hate this face by the end of the year

Well, fortunately you are in luck as I can tell you exactly how well you will do at Western based on your high school average.

Actually… Just Kidding I lied. There is actually NO indication what so ever about how well you will do at Western Med-Sci based on your high school performance. Of course there are general trends like people who come in with grades around 98% GENERALLY do better than those that come in with 91%, but this is a GENERAL trend and it does not apply on an individual level.

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O-Week Part 2

Day 1-7: The next 5 days here are probably the most event filled days you will have your entire 8 months at Western. Be prepared because for the first couple of days, as there will be wake ups early in the morning, like really early in the morning, like 7:00 am in the morning. Be prepared and don’t give your Sophs attitude or get all in their faces because remember, they had to wake up much earlier than you. Also, don’t sleep in. For the love of God, that’s probably one of the worst things you can do. This is the week that you will establish new bonds, friendships and memories that will last you a lifetime. If you stay in and keep to yourself, people won’t hate you or make fun of you per say, you will just have a bad time. Do not be surprised when people ignore you when you meet them in the halls, in the cafeteria and at concerts/events.


Now I do not want to “spoil” or ruin the surprises in O-Week so I will just provide a vague list of Do’s and Don’ts that you should keep in mind.

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O-Week Part 1

If I had to describe O-Week in two words what would it be?


Pretty Cool

O-Week, probably one of the most memorable weeks you will have your entire life. An entire week filled with activities such as concerts, parties, floor meetings, game days waking up early and most importantly, meeting new people.

Now you may be saying “I’m not that much of a social type, I’m an introvert therefore I won’t have a good time!” Well I’m sorry to tell you that you are wrong! How do I know this? Well because I came into Western with the same mentality. I came in hoping to stay in my dorm all day and not going to any of the events. This all changed from the day I stepped foot on campus.

Day 0: This is the day you move in, it’s the big day for not only you, but for your parents who have to let go of their baby for the first time (for most of you with the exception of off campus students) in their lives. You pack up, and drive to Western and after a long 1-3 hour drive you reach London.

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Serious: For the Aspiring High School Students, Part 1

(Note: I hate making serious posts, but I feel like this post would less its meaning if it was written in my normal writing style.)

Dear Future Mustangs of Med Sci,

Take school seriously, seriously. A lot of times we become arrogant when we excel at what we do, whether it be academics or a sport. We let our arrogance take control of us and we stop trying or put in less effort in an assigned task because “It’s a waste of time” or “It’s too easy”.

To whomever is reading this and recognizes this type of thinking to be present in themselves, I hope you listen to what I have to say and make a change.


The Story: Throughout my life I considered myself to be smart. In elementary and middle school I was always the top of my class if not the top of my school. However in high school my arrogance got to the best of me. From grades 9 to 11 I barely studied or did a lot of my homework because “hey I didn’t study in middle school and I still got good grades”. I failed to adapt, and as a result

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University Admission Requirments

Come to Western Med-Sci, and experience a world beyond your imagination.

But before you high-schoolers get caught up with your life at Western, make sure that you actually get in first.

So what does it actually take to get into Western Medical Science? Well the answer is no one really knows for sure. Yes I’m serious. There is no clear benchmark or set average that one needs to acquire in order to be guaranteed a seat.

Why so? Well each year the admission average changes depending on the amount of people who apply and the number of those eligible to get in. In 2014 the admission average to get into Western Medical Science was

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