I am an 18 year old male from Oakville, Ontario, Canada and I am part of Western’s class of 2020! I am majoring in Medical Sciences (BMS). The reason as to why I am not revealing information about my name or race is that people do not recognize me in real life so I can stay anonymous.

My hobbies include soccer, collecting cards, swimming, researching and video games!

I blog whenever I feel like it and I love writing posts that are entertaining, humorous, motivational and meaningful.

I aspire to be either a medical doctor or a dentist in the future. Right now I am undecided on which path I want to pursue and hopefully I will have decided by the time I graduate from Western.

Please note that I am not employed by Western nor am I part their of their faculties and these are my views and opinions and not anybody else. I am just a student who goes there.