Mental Health Awareness

You just finished your midterms and exams are slowly approaching. And all you want at this point is a god damn break. This may be your first year of university and everything seems new and overwhelming to you, or you could be an senior student who is just tired of playing the game.

You just want all this pressure to come off your shoulders. Its making you angry, tired and even depressed.

Well, let me tell you that there is not a single proven method of getting rid of depression over night, but there are many things that you can do to at least coping and alleviating the pains that come with it.

Image result for depression university
Don’t be like this guy, do something about your depression and get some help!

Here are a couple of tips that I came up with over my university career that helped my get through some depressive times. Just remember this is professional-unprofessional advice coming from someone who isn’t a psychologist.


Tip#1: Take some time everyday to do things that you like

This is pretty self explanatory. From experience, if you keep studying all day and do nothing else, you are most likely to being feeling depressed. Remember that taking 1 hour breaks between long studying sessions will probably lighten your mood and give you even more motivation to study. Also remember that your GPA is not the most important thing in the world.

Some things I recommend doing are:

  • Going to the gym
  • Going outside for a lunch break
  • Meeting with friends

What I don’t recommend doing:

  • Playing video games
  • Doing any activity in the same room you are studying in


Tip#2: Change your way of thinking

What I mean by this is to stop associating self worth with your GPA. There is more to life than a number on your transcript. Life exists outside those 4 years of university, and by the time you are 30, you will probably forget you even got a 65% on that one biology quiz. Also that one biology quiz probably has minimal effects on your success of applying to medical school, so stop worrying about every little thing!


Tip#3: Get some help

Sometimes you just can’t get rid of your depression on your own or by listening to some guy on wordpress. This is when you need to talk to the professionals. The university you are in should have a mental health clinic where you can see a psychologist to talk about your problems and emotions. Most universities offer free counselling sessions for a limited couple of sessions, and I recommend you go if you are feelings lost. Its OK to get help.


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