My thoughts on Casper

So I just wrote Casper today, and to my surprise it was not that scary as people make it out to be.

I think I did well on CASPER and my predicted success can be attributed to one factor, Runescape. Yes this may sound funny but I will get more into it later.


flash1:wave: b sale no noobs pl0x

The main goal of this post is to give you (the reader), some tips and advice about the CASPER test. However let me start off my clarifying some misconceptions.

Misconception #1: A lot of people say that CASPER is one of those tests where can’t really practice for it. That is simply not true.

Misconception #2: “Doing Right” is an essential read to do well on this test. Again, this is not true at all.

Here are 3 things you should always keep in mind when writing a response for a CASPER question. Note these are just things that I found to be useful and may not necessarily  work for you.

The first tip: Know the traits of a doctor

I got this advice from someone off of SDN and I found it to be useful when I was writing the exam. The three things you should take into account are:

  1. Degree to which the problem was solved
  2. Compassion
  3. Concern for other parties

For example lets say 2 people are having a fight when working on a project. Always be sure to talk about BOTH sides of the problem, regardless if you are going to end up supporting one person or the other.


The second tip: Improving your typing speed.

Why a test about ethics and morality would care about your typing speed is beyond me, but you should find ways to increase it.

The next bit of advice is where my life experience playing Runescape came in (might sound cringe but its not). I found that my friends and other students from SDN struggled with typing speed.  Just as a reference my typing speed is around 80 WPM and I do not need to look at the keyboard, but I found that if you type around 55+ WPM you should do well.

One way to practice your typing without playing Runescape is to go use those free sites where you can practice typing. One of my favourite typing exercises, is to make a list of 10 different sentences and try to to type each sentence without looking at the keyboard. At first, you will have to look at the keyboard to type, but you will notice that the more you repeat this exercise the easier it will get. Typing will become second nature (something something brain stem, idk lol).

The third tip: come up with different scenarios.

Before the CASPER test, write down 5 situations in your life where had a disagreement or major conflict. Also, make sure to write down how you resolved them and analyze your solution to see if it agrees with the traits of a doctor I listed above. This will come in handy, as I personally wasted a lot of time on the actual test trying to think of real life situations on the test.


Good luck.


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