Be Productive this Summer

Seriously, be productive.

Find a hobby, get a job, go volunteer, travel, work on an independent project, just do something.

Yes, the summer grind can be tough as you just got out of school, and you guys are human, and I was human. I am human, still. But, um, but I was just referring to myself in the past. Not that I was not human…

Fig 1. Homo sapian

This is especially important for applying to Medical Schools because most schools don’t want to have ‘boring’ or ‘unaccomplished’ students. Sure some medical schools don’t really ask for extracurricular activities, but  they DO ask questions about your experiences during interviews.

My chemistry professor once told me of a story of a really bright girl. She never got a grade below 95% in any of her courses. But there was two things that were wrong with her journey to Med-School.

  1. The first being the fact that all she did was study and do nothing outside of studying. As a result, she did not make any connections with any of her professors which made it extremely hard for her to get letters of recommendation.
  2. And the second being how she lacked any personality, which was not appealing to any of the schools looking at her applications or interviewing her. Sure she has 4.0’s in all of her courses but, medical schools don’t want robots… from what I hear at least. She didn’t get in.

During your application and med-school interviews, they will often ask you personal questions, or questions where you might be able to refer to your own personal experiences. This is the main reason as to why you need to find something to do.

Some common excuses for not doing anything during the summer are:

  • “But JMD, I’m so busy this summer! Extracurricular’s will stop me from posting selfies on Snapchat or sleeping in till 12:00pm!”. Bruh…
  • “GPA is king, I have a 4.0”. While this is true, you have to remember that med-schools are looking for round candidates not robots. Sure you might land the interview, but will they accept you AFTER the interview?
  • “Summer is a time to relax”. True, but its also a time to better your self and become a well-rounded quality applicant.
  • “I’m studying for the MCAT”. So am I, and I already have 3 quality extracurricular/ volunteer activities that I’m working on so far. Remember to establish a good work/study/play balance.

Also one last pro-tip and probably the most important one. Remember when it comes to extracurricular  quality > quantity.



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