Exam Blues

You come out of the exam room cocky as hell. You are sure you barely got any mistakes. You are extatic, so you go home and celebrate with your friends, doing whatever the hell you do for fun.

Your mood is set for the week, nothing can stop you. As you are doing your pre-lab work you get one little notification on OWL that says your midterm marks are released.

You open up OWL with the confidence of that of a intoxicated frat kid. Right before you press on gradebook you say to yourself out loud the mark you think you got.

The page finally loads, and you can’t believe it. All your hopes of getting into med-school are now gone.

Image result for jaw drop


You start to doubt the gradebook number. Surely OWL made an error in the calculation and its not your fault.

You look in the announcements tab, only to find that they posted the solutions for the midterm. Surely OWL got it wrong.

You load the solutions and go through them one by one.

You have your notes to the side as a reference, because you are sure that the solutions posted online are wrong since you studied really hard for this.

As you slowly go through the solutions you start to feel angrier and angrier. “How could I get such an easy question wrong?” “That question wasn’t even from our notes!” “Was the answer seriously from that one little figure on slide #12?”

“Prof Name” is stupid you think to yourself, why would he put trick questions on the exam, why did he want such detailed and precise understanding of the textbook readings?

After the little fit of anger, you text your friends to see how they did.

You call Sam to see how he did, and you find out he did poorly just like you. “I knew it wasn’t just me, that exam was BS!”, you think to yourself.

You then hit up Kevin, and well, Kevin is just Kevin, he got a 93% on that midterm. You get slightly agitated when he asks for your grade, so you curve up your mark by up 5%. You don’t think too much about it as because ‘it’s just Kevin’.

You need more opinions now, because you can’t be THAT dumb right? You see another announcement posted on OWL. It says “Class average Statistics”.

Again, right before you press on it you guess a number in your head.


The page once again loads, and to your dismay you see the number “73%” on the screen.

“I’m average”, you think to yourself, “no I’m below average”.

Your mind becomes clouded with vile self-deprecating thoughts.

“I’m scum, this can’t be happening right now, I’m retarded, there goes my 4.0, there goes my med-school acceptance”.

You are distraught, so you go lay on your bed, just laying there, thinking about something but you aren’t quiet sure what you are thinking about.

You grab your phone and type on google: “Premed101, low grad medschool chances”, and start going through the threads one by one to see people in your situation. You get a tiny bit of relief when you see “Mr.BeanyBoi” say that he got 60% in his first year biology midterm, yet he still got into his med-school of choice.

You close the website and log on owl just to check the solutions one more time, try to see if there is a single question in which you can argue for a mark, but to no avail, you find nothing.

You now begin to notice that you are wasting your time and that you shouldn’t be bringing all this negativity onto yourself, so you decide to occupy your mind with something else like homework.

Except there is one problem, you now just have your homework on the table, but you aren’t doing it as you are still thinking about your grades.

Your mood is now set for the week.

This ladies and gentleman is what I call the Exam Blues, and it is one of the worst feelings in the world. And unfortunately there is no cure for it or a way to stop feeling it. You just have to learn how to cope with it. I’m not being mean, this is just the truth from personal experience, no matter how much exams you write in your life, you will still experience the Exam Blues. You just have to cope with it by remembering that you aren’t the only one experiencing it, and that it is normal to feel this way after an unexpected result.

Hopefully this post will help you all cope with your exam blues, good luck on your next exams!


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