Tips for Haffie’s November Surprise

Haffies second midterm is coming and you better be studying… smart that is. The thing about Haffie’s midterms is that memorizing the lecture slides and doing all the outcomes isnt enough to get an 85+ in that class. To get an 85+ in that midterm is a considerable feat, and it is something you should be proud of if you do get that mark. I believe my mark for that midterm was around a 90. So to get that 85 here are some of my tips that I used that I felt were important.4-haffie

  1. Do the Past midterms. If there was one thing that helped me do well in bio 1000 was doing the past midterms. Make sure to do them AFTER you covered everything in your notes. You will notice that when you do the past midterms you will get questions wrong. Don’t be alarmed as this will be the pattern for Bio 1000 and most level 2000+ courses. Take note of your errors, don’t just say “Oh I see why that is the answer”. NO, look back as to why YOU GOT IT WRONG. Do you not understand how telomeres add? Or do you fail to understand how to approach falsifiable statements. Don’t move on unless you fully understand how to get the question write but in different situations.
  2. Increase your focus/ attention span. Its the little things that get you in this course. Misread one word or forget to read the last multiple choice answer as you are confident that B is the answer, only to get the whole question wrong. Some ways to increase focus include caffeine, sleep and exercise in that order. Seriously this course is nothing in terms of memorizing content, its all about how you think and approach questions
  3. Rewatch Haffie’s lectures the day before the exam. This is very important and goes in hand with the second point. You will notice that specific phrases and terminology that Haffie uses in his lectures will actually be the KEY as to solving some questions. Do NOT underestimate the power of the lectures. I can count more than 10 instances when Haffie said something quickly or quietly that was key to the midterm,

Good luck on your midterms.


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